About jazzforjesus

I am a Christian concerned about issues that effect the Christian community. I will either defend our position or I will even give a word of correction to Christians depending on how the Lord leads.

Orange Juice?

The University of Louisville play Syracuse University tonight at the KFC Yum! Center tonight. I believe Louisville can win this one. They have beaten Syracuse last four or five times they played us at home. We beat them in the last game in Freedom Hall and we beat them in the Yum! Center last year. The Orange have been ranked in the top 5 each of the last few times we have beaten them. They are supposedly better than all those teams in the past but I  think we can still beat them. Go Cards!


Well I’ll be darned! Louisville is back to their winning ways!

It seems as though my Cardinals are winning again now that they are healthy. They got most of their players back from a number of injuries and have reeled off six consecutive wins! It should be interesting to see how they fare against #2 Syracuse Monday night. It should be a tough game for Louisville though the Cardinals have beaten The Orange at home when Syracuse was in the Top five and this game will be at the KFC Yum! Center. Whatever happens it should be intersting. Go Cards!!!!

You gotta fight for you right to………

People today in the liberal media are constantly making fun of the Christian faith or even the very existence of God. So what if God only speaks to certain people? They are the only ones who listen! I have had to reply to the editorials in the Louisville Courier-Journal on several different occasions defending the position of faith in God. I have had to remind them that Evolution is not a scientific fact but a theory that has not been proven because they cannot point to where it came from in the first place. And it can’t totally discount Creation Science because you have to figure out how it got there in the first place before it can evolve. No this is not a belief in “magic” or anything because magic is mere illusion. God exists and many people can attest to how God has helped them out. There have been way to many things happened for there not to be a supernatural Presence helping us out. So what if only certain people hear from God. Some adult children will not hear from their parents unless they pick up the phone, whether it be to answer the call the parents placed or make the call themselves. Only those who seek God will find him. Though there are times God will seek after us desparately wanting relationship with us. But we need to communicate with him. He will leave you alone if that is what you want. After all Jesus did say “Seek ye first the Kindom of God and all His righteousness and all else will be added to you.”

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