Are We Free?

Are we free? I don’t know you tell me! We are able to buy and sell as we please but we are afraid to share our faith for what some may say.

Are we free? I don’t know you tell me! We can go to work and school and watch what we want, But we don’t mention the name of Christ because some may get offended. The cross is foolishness to a dying world we must boldly proclaim the good news to all without reservations.

Are we free? I don’t know you tell me? The constitution guarentees freedom of religion but a people perish for a lack of vision.

Are we free? I don’t know you tell me! We go through life with all the hustle and bustle but there are some though they are free they are imprisoned by their circumstances in their life and the cares of the world. Christ says not to worry about tomorrow, it will worry about itself. Today’s concerns are enough.

Are we free? I don’t know, you tell me! Christ says you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free, but some folks in their bondage can’t handle the TRUTH!

Are we free? I don’t know you tell me! Jesus says whoever the Son sets free shall be free indeed!
Now lets go and share what true freedom is all about!!!


Poet’s Prayer

Father forgive us we know not what we do!

Father keep us, give us strength to make it through!

Lord give us your mercy and grace, And the power to finish the race! Lord lead us not into temptation, But take and make us your mighty nation.

Lord carry us through life trials with your enduring love, That we may show others that it comes from above.

And as we show them by what we do every hour, Lord let us do it in your might and power!

And Lord we love thee and it is of thee we sing, In the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ the King!

Arise My Child!

Arise my child! The Father must have said as Jesus laid in that tomb, for in that instance death was defeated as he took his life back again!

Lazarus come forth! The Master commanded as He stood outside that tomb and to the crowd’s amazement the dead man rose!

Arise my child Jesus said to Jairus’s daughter. And as his little girl awoke it gave her father a reason to believe.

Then finally He says to me Arise my child! As I’m laying on that operating table. He said “I am not finished with you! You are to be my messenger of hope for those who are down!”

Awaken o’ sleeper and arise from the dead because his return cometh nigh! But when he comes, will He find faith on earth?

Stay Diligent!

We need to Stay focus on getting the Gospel out to people. We must preach it boldly and without reservation. People need to hear that there is a way out of their situation and Salvation through Jesus! He will pull us through our trials. He will not necessarily make them go away but He will be with us while we go through these tests. We must show people that they can make it with Christ’s help! Come on soldiers keep at it and do not get weary in doing well as St. Paul said in the scriptures! Get out there, preach, teach sing act whatever God may have you do! Even if it means cleaning up after someone! Show love to people and show them the love of God through Jesus. So get out there and GET’ER DONE!!!

To blog or not to blog?

Hey I’m going to be on here on occasion to talk about a variety of different topics. I am disappointed my Cardinals lost last night but you can’t win them all. Plus we barely lost to a very good team. All I  know is that this world needs Jesus and I pray that everyone realizes that before its too late.

Repent!!! The Kingdom of God is near!!!

I know a lot of people who are getting tired of hearing or reading me say that but it must be said or written! The day of The Lord is coming and it will come quickly and when we do not expect it so if you have not gotten right with the Lord, NOW IS THE TIME!!! Seek the Lord come to Jesus for the redemption from your sins! You need Jesus as your Lord and Savior! He said “I AM the way the truth and the life. NO ONE comes to the Father except by Me.” John 14:6 Put away fornication and hate, stealing and murder and turn to the Lord for the Forgiveness of your sins. Today is the day of salvation people! Time is of the essence!!!